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Abyss Premium Smelling Salts will blow your PR’s (and your nose) away!

Ready to push your limits? Get a power boost with Abyss Smelling Salts, the premium smelling salts made by elite powerlifter Nino van Rikxoort.

Smelling Salts for Powerlifting

Abyss premium smelling salts are specifically designed to help powerlifters, bodybuilders, and other strength athletes set new personal records in their respective fields. From setting new PRs in the gym to dominating on the platform, Abyss Smelling Salts helps you stay focused and energized!

  • Powerful ammonia to give you that extra edge in the gym.

  • Made by Elite powerlifter Nino van Rixkoort, these salts help you break through your personal records and reach new heights of performance.

  • Long lasting strength & satisfying sniffs.

Size: 65 grams

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Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg

Medium (Menthol), Extra Large (Lemon)

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  1. A

    Fine ammonia. Just right in terms of strength

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