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Knee Sleeves for Powerlifting: Enhance Your Squats with 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeves


Discover High-Quality Knee Sleeves for Optimal Powerlifting Performance offers a range of premium knee sleeves designed specifically for powerlifters. Whether you’re looking to enhance your squats or protect your knees during intense training sessions, our knee sleeves are engineered to provide maximum support and stability. With our collection of 7mm IPF approved powerlifting knee sleeves, you can take your squat game to the next level.

When do I use 5 or 7mm Knee sleeves?

The 7 mm knee sleeves made out of neoprene material are the newest generation of knee sleeves. They are extra stiff compared to the 5 mm knee sleeves which make them ideal for powerlifting. The old generations of knee sleeves where made with 5 mm thick neoprene material and are more comfortable to wear but do not give you as much of a boost during the squat.

Why Choose Hansu Power 7mm Knee Sleeves for Squats and Powerlifting?

When it comes to knee sleeves, we understand that powerlifters have specific needs. That’s why the Hansu Power IPF Approved 7mm knee sleeves are the ideal choice for squats and competitions. Here’s why they stand out:

  1. Unmatched Support and Stability: Our 7mm knee sleeves offer exceptional compression and stability, allowing you to maintain proper form and technique during heavy lifts. Experience the confidence to push your limits without worrying about knee discomfort or potential injuries.
  2. Optimal Performance Enhancement: Designed with powerlifting in mind, our knee sleeves provide targeted support to key areas, such as the patella and surrounding ligaments. This helps improve joint alignment and proprioception, leading to enhanced performance and better results.
  3. Durability and Longevity: We believe in providing knee sleeves that are built to last. Our 7mm sleeves are made from high-quality materials that withstand rigorous training sessions and frequent use. You can rely on their durability to support you through countless lifts and squats.

During a stiff Knee Sleeve Comparison the Hansu Power 7mm knee sleeves came out as best in the test compared to the Inzer’s and Rigor Mortis A7 knee sleeves.

Why Choose ONI BUKIYA PRO Knee Sleeves 7mm for Squats and Powerlifting?


  1. Unparalleled Rebound with Advanced Fabric Technology: To surpass existing powerlifting knee sleeves, the ONI Knee Sleeve PRO incorporates the highest hardness fabric approved by IPF rules for the rear of the product. This advanced fabric ensures outstanding rebound, enhancing your squat performance like never before. 
  2. Unmatched Lateral Support for Enhanced Stability: The knee sleeve features a stretchy fabric on the front side and two reinforced lines with adhesive stitching, providing unparalleled lateral support to the knee area. 
  3. Streamlined Construction for Maximum Power Transmission: The knee sleeve boasts a size structure that allows direct power transmission without unnecessary fabric deflection. Every aspect of its construction has been meticulously designed to optimize your performance.

Find the Best Knee Sleeves for Your Powerlifting Journey

At, we’re committed to offering the best knee sleeves for powerlifters. Explore our extensive range of knee sleeves.

Elevate Your Powerlifting Performance with the Best Knee Sleeves

Investing in top-notch knee sleeves is crucial for any serious powerlifter. With, you can be confident that you’re choosing the best knee sleeves to support your training goals. Browse our selection of 7mm knee sleeves and experience the difference they make in your squats and powerlifting endeavors. Enhance your performance, protect your knees, and dominate the platform with our premium knee sleeves designed for powerlifters.

Discover the Best 7mm Knee Sleeves for Powerlifting at

When it comes to optimizing your powerlifting performance, knee sleeves play a vital role. offers a wide range of knee sleeves, including 7mm sleeves, designed to provide unparalleled support and stability during heavy lifts and squats. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive the best knee sleeves from renowned brands. Elevate your powerlifting game, enhance your squats, and protect your knees with our premium knee sleeves. Visit today and take your powerlifting journey to new heights.

We sell the best stiff knee sleeves on the market. In France these are called genouillére powerlifting and in Italy you will find our IPF approved sleeves as: ginocchiera powerlifting.


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