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The Best Deadlift Straps – Wahlanders Leather Lifting Straps

Looking for the best deadlift straps? Wahlanders lifting straps are made in Sweden, from premium handmade leather. These leather powerlifting straps are loved by powerlifters as they will never tear on you. They come in various unique colors so you can match your outfit truly stand out in the gym.  

How to use deadlift straps?

Deadlift straps are used to help you with your deadlifts, they allow you to keep going after your grip would have gave out. This extra grip-strength allows you to further stimulate the muscles and get more bang for your buck out of your deadlifts. Lifting straps can also be used for other pulling exercises such as heavy rows and lat pulldowns. 

Deadlifts straps or deadlift grips?

We also offer Deadlift Grips by Wahlanders. Deadlift grips have the advantage that they are quicker to set up and provide an even more secure grip during exercises such as lat pulldowns. These grips come with a velcro strap and do not have to be rolled around the bar or handle like regular lifting straps. Just like our lifting straps, these deadlift grips are also made out of leather.

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