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Powerlifting Apparel

Here at De Powerlifting Shop we aim to provide high quality unique apparel for in the gym. Currently our offering consists of powerlifting socks with limited edition graphic designs. Powerlifting shirts and shorts with unique design will follow soon.

Deadlift Socks for Powerlifting

With our socks, your shins will never bleed during deadlifts again, and you’ll stand out in the gym. Make a statement with our limited edition designs or go for basic black deadlift socks. All of our apparel is made in The Netherlands. Every quarter we put out a new collection of limited edition designs, so stay tuned!

Why use deadift socks?

Deadlift socks, otherwise known as powerlifting socks, are used to protect the shins during heavy deadlifts. Good barbells have sharp knurling which can tear open skin. Our socks keep the lower legs warm and prevent bleeding. Furthermore, deadlift socks are required in IPF competitions and thus are a must for every powerlifter.

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