Wahlanders Belt – Powerlifting Leather Lifting Belt

Your powerlifting belt is one of the most important pieces of gym gear, so be sure you are using the right one. All of our belts are IPF approved for competitions, and are made of the highest quality leather. These belts are handmade in Sweden and the quality is unbeatable.

Wahlander Belts – Made in Sweden

The Wahlanders lifting belts are known as some of the best belts on the market. The belt uses a quick release system allowing the belt to be easily taken on enough, without the extra weight and clunkiness of a lever. The belts also come in a soft option that is perfect for smaller lifters and females, because it shapes even better around the waist of the user and gives an optimal brace without discomfort.

Why use a powerlifting belt?

A powerlifting belt increases intra-abdominal pressure allowing the user to lift more weight and maintain good technique. They are primarily used for heavy compound lifts, such as squat, bench & deadlift, where proper bracing is important. Leather powerlifting belts are the highest quality of material since they shape comfortably around the waist of the user. The Wahlander belt offers unparraleled support and stability and is trusted by many elite powerlifters.

Personalized Lifting Belt

We are the only store that offers a custom belt option for the Wahlanders belt. You can choose from many customizations such as the colour, stitching, inner and engraving. With an engraved belt you will have a truly unique piece of lifting gear! Interested in our custom belt option and have a special request? Reach out to us through our Instagram.


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