The tape for your strongest lifts.

The Lifters Tape gives you the best possible grip on the barbell and is the ideal solution for your Hook Grip. The hook grip is a grip variant that puts a lot of strain on the thumb. Here our Lifters Tape not only ensures less injury to the skin, as well as less pain sensitivity, but also for stronger lifts. Even with minor injuries to the fingers and hands, the flexible tape protects and allows you to continue training.

Our Lifters Tape is designed for weightlifters, powerlifters, functional fitness, gymnastics, strongman and weight training athletes and provides an optimal grip on the barbell, pull-up bar, rings, ropes and more.


In the variant with our newly developed Lift More Tape you get a real novelty. In addition to our Lifters Tape we have developed our special Lift More Tape. The Lift More Tape consists of a stronger fabric and additionally fixes the Hookgrip Tape. The adhesive in the Lift More roll is designed to bond together when pressed together. It can be torn off horizontally and vertically to fit your exact needs. As a result, Lift More Tape is just right for your peak performance. It’s the right choice when moving heavier loads or sweaty, extreme WODS because the Lift More Tape also prevents the Hook Grip Tape from slipping. Everything for your strongest performance!

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Weight 0,2 kg

Medium (Menthol), Extra Large (Lemon)


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