Liquid Chalk Menthol Smell – Buy the best Liquid Chalk

Abyss Liquid Chalk is superior to other liquid chalk products: it gives a long lasting grip and smells good!

Did you ever drop weights just because your grip did not hold? Did your sweaty palms prevent you from pulling that new personal record too many times? Abyss Liquid Chalk is THE solution.

The liquid chalk is specially developed for extreme grip strength during heavy lifting.  On top of that, angry gym staff are history when using this product because the innovative formula prevents annoying lumps or dusting when the chalk dries. The unique menthol or lemon smell masks the common strong alcohol smells that can be found in regular liquid chalk and provides a fresh feeling in the hands. No more sweaty and slippery hands!

Use Abyss liquid chalk as a base when doing heavy pulling exercises or steady your hands during bench press or back exercises. The chalk is ideal for powerlifting, crossfit, strongman, pole dancing, rock climbing and gymnastics.

This product is also an ideal underlayer when applying before using dry chalk or a magnesium block.

Portable liquid chalk 

A 100 ml bottle provides a handy size for your gym bag (also allowed in your hand luggage when flying).

Liquid Chalk Main features:

  • Provides a powerful grip, ideal for deadlifts and pulling movements
  • Specifically designed to minimize dusting. No more angry gym staff
  • Comes with a refreshing menthol smell.

How do I use Liquid Chalk?

  • Shake the bottle
  • Squeeze a few drops of Abyss Liquid Chalk on your hands
  • Disperse over your hands
  • Blow over your hands until the chalk becomes white
  • Lift with the ultimate strong grip!

Liquid Chalk Size: 

Medium: Menthol smell, 100 ml
X Large: Lemon, 250 ml


Additional information


Medium (Menthol), Extra Large (Lemon)

4 reviews for Abyss Liquid Chalk

  1. Boris

    Best chalk I have used. Unlike most chalks this one is not filled with alcohol, making it bar friendly and less likely to rip your calluses. Would highly recommend to any serious powerlifter/weightlifter. Little bonus is that it smells good!

  2. Quinten

    Honestly, an excellent product. Personally I think it sticks to your hands (and the bar) better than the mainstream brands. I tend to combine it with regular chalk for hook grip, and the menthol smell is a nice touch. Would recommend!

  3. Nabil

    Perfecte chalk insane grip en smells like mint deze is dan ook echt hand vriendelijk 0 uitdroging van je handen en ontzettend bar friendly de bars zijn zo school gemaakt dus perfect laat geen troep achter

  4. Romy

    De beste liquid chalk die ik ooit heb gehad. Goeie grip, vervaagd niet snel tot nauwelijks, ruikt lekker en goed te doseren en uit te smeren

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