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Powerlifting Accesory Must Haves

Whether you are looking for Liquid Chalk, Smelling Salts or a Powerlifting Mouthpiece, we have it all.  All the gym accesories to get the most out of your strength training can be found here. Premium brands only.

Liquid Chalk for Powerlifting

Liquid Chalk is a great substitute for chalk blocks. Our liquid chalk from Abyss is less messy and even has a good smell. Abyss liquid chalk is available in small and large tubes, with a menthol or lemon smell. It is the perfect tool to improve your hook grip and deadlift more weight. Liquid chalk is also allowed during powerlifting competitions.

Why do powerlifters use smelling salts?

Smelling salt or ammonia, is used in powerlifting to wake up the nervous system and give the user a rush. Although it is not for everyone, it can definitely give the extra boost to set new PRs.  Our smelling salts from Abyss blow your nose up and maintain their strength for a long time.

Powerlifting Mouthpiece – New Age Performance

Powerlifting mouthpieces of recently become popular as they can improve strength and stability on heavy lifts. The mouthpiece allows the user to brace better during heavy squats and deadlifts, which can result in more kilos on the bar. The New Age Performance 6DS mouthpiece is the best mouthpiece on the market. It is specifically designed for maximum strength and gives instant results.


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