The perfect powerlifting shoes

Powerlifting is a serious sport with heavy weights, so you should be also serious about your powerlifting footwear choice. At The Powerlifting Shop we have a wide range of weightlifting shoes that can help you with your goals.

For what lifts do I need lifting shoes?

We recommend wearing the right shoes for your deadlifts and squats. If you want to execute these exercises perfectly, then you need the right powerlifting footwear. In general, you can’t go wrong with good lifting shoes. Besides powerlifting you can also use the shoes with bodybuilding, strong men/women, and all kinds of sports where you are lifting weights.

Why do I need squat shoes?

A squat shoe is deisnged to allow you to lift upright and squat deep. The heel of the shoe is slightly elevated, this helps with ankle dorsiflexion and depth of your lift. Because of the heel elevation you can put full force through your ankle which helps to create a more powerful squat.

What are the benefits of deadlift slippers?

Deadlift slippers are ideal for your deadlifts. With your deadlift you want your feet as flat as possible. That’s also why you see people do deadlifts barefoot. In powerlifting competitions and in most gyms, it is not allowed to lift barefoot. With the slippers you have the perfect deadlift shoe, because they also give you more grip and it feels like you’re lifting barefoot. Just like with the squats shoes the slippers allow you to create as much force as you can

Use your weightlifting shoes while lifting weights

Don’t restrict yourself only wearing your powerlifting shoes while squatting or deadlifting. You can also wear them perfectly with your bench press and other exercises. In almost every case the weightlifting shoes give you a more stable and safe position to create the power you want.

Find your powerlifting shoes at The Powerlifting Shop

Take your powerlifting workouts to the next level with Avancus powerlifting shoes and Notorious Lift slippers. Our shoes and slippers are trusted by powerlifters all over the world and meet all the standards to be IPF approved. These brands are built for maximum support & performance, so you can lift heavier with confidence. With our wide range of models and limited editions, we are sure you will find the perfect footwear to boost your strength training and set new PR’s.

For all your powerlifting gear  we are happy to help you to the next level. So if you are in doubt what kind of powerlift footwear you need, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.


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