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Notorious Lift  – The best Deadlift Slippers

Notorious Lift is the leading brand in deadlift slippers for powerlifting and are widely considered as the best deadlift slippers in the market. These slippers are multifunctional as they can be used in all three main lifts: squat, bench & deadlift.

What deadlift slipper do I need?

The Notorious Lift Gen 2 (NLG2) replicates the barefoot feel with an ultra thin sole that makes you feel connected to the ground. The NLG2 is a great choice for both conventional and sumo deadlift as well as for all round training footwear.

Sumo Deadlift Slippers – Notorious Lift Sumo Sole

If you are looking for sumo deadlift slippers there are three models to choose from. The Sumo Sole Gen 1 (SSG1) offers greater traction and grip as well as a raised lateral wall which prevents spillage during the sumo deadlift. The Sumo Sole Gen 2 (SSG2) features an internal heel cup for added stability to make the slipper more shoelike. The latest edition, the Sumo Sole Gen 2.5 (SSG 2.5) combines the best aspects of the Notorious Lifters and the SSG1. The result is a slipper with great lateral support, a minimal ultrathin sole and a comfortable fit during your entire training. 

Notorious Lift Europe

Here at De Powerlifting Shop, we offer the widest selection for Notorious Lift in Europe. Check out Notorious Lifts collection of limited edition Notorious deadlift slippers, or go for the classic Stealth & Pure White colourways. Are you still unsure about which model suits you best? We offer 24/7 purchase advice through Instagram & WhatsApp.

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Notorious Lift Deadlift Schoenen

Gebruik Notorious Lift deadlift schoenen om jouw deadlift te verbeteren. Deze deadlift slippers zitten perfect rond jouw voeten verkleinen de ROM en geven jou extra grip tijdens het deadliften. Ook worden ze veel gebruikt voor squat en bench. De vele variaties van Notorious Lift bieden de perfecte powerlifting schoen voor jou.


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