Notorious Lift – Sumo Sole Gen 3 – SSG3 for Europe

Prepare to unleash your power with Notorious Lift’s latest creation, the Sumo Sole Gen 3 (SSG3). This cutting-edge footwear is engineered to elevate your powerlifting game to unprecedented levels.

What’s the difference between SSG3 and SSG1?

The SSG3 builds upon the exceptional foundation of the SSG1, amplifying its features to maximize your powerlifting potential. Here’s why the SSG3 stands out:

  •  Enhanced Stability: Embrace the wide toe box design of the SSG3, tailored to accommodate your foot’s natural shape. This optimized fit promotes superior stability, allowing you to generate maximum power during lifts.
  • Unyielding Support: Experience unshakeable support with the SSG3’s dual-straps and upgraded heel cup. These robust features ensure a secure and locked-in fit, empowering you to push beyond your limits with unwavering confidence.

Other features of SSG3:

  • Unparalleled Grip: Our innovative skidless herringbone traction pattern keeps you rooted to the ground, preventing any slippage during your lifts. With deep grooves that optimize bite and increase tread life, the SSG3 provides unrivaled grip for dominating your lifts.
  • Streamlined Minimalism: The SSG3’s minimalist sole design offers a direct connection to the lifting platform, delivering unmatched stability and responsiveness. Its ultra-thin construction ensures you feel every ounce of power transferred through your feet.
  • Revolutionary Cup Sole: Departing from traditional sole designs, the SSG3’s cup sole places your foot “in” rather than “on” the sole. This groundbreaking approach creates an effective sidewall, safeguarding against lateral movement without compromising on a sleek and minimal profile.

Shop Notorious Lift SSG3 for Europe

Elevate your powerlifting performance with the Notorious Lift SSG3, available for Europe at Unleash the full force of your strength with its unrivaled stability, unyielding support, and cutting-edge design. Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. Secure your pair of SSG3 shoes today and dominate the powerlifting platform like never before!


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