About us

Rijker (Coach) & Jacqueline (Athlete) after her bronze medal squat at European Championships 2021

We are Rijker and Jacqueline

We believe that strength sports changes lives for the better. It definitely has for us. Working hard in the gym motivates, disciplines and gives you strength, both physically and mentally. We have both been lucky to have developed successful careers in powerlifting. Jacqueline competed at numerous international competitions with as a cherry on top of the cake a bronze squat medal at the European championships of 2021. Rijker developed a career as a coach and guided her and many other lifters to the international stage.

In September of 2021 we started De Powerlifting Shop, on a mission to bring new powerlifting brands to the Netherlands and Europe. Because we know the importance of strength sports in the life of millions of people we put our heart into delivering the best quality strength sports gear to your doorstep. We cherish quality and only sell brands that we believe in. We are always down to touch base with our customers and love to hear about reviews and suggestions.

We are very interested to learn what new products and brands YOU would like to see, as we want to serve our powerlifting and strength sports community. So if you have questions, ideas or just want to chat, don’t be afraid to reach out!