Notorious Lift Apparel – Staple Tee V2

Once associated with the “dark side,” an oni mask now gives its users strength and power, protecting them from danger. The Oni demons ward off evil spirits and protect their users from bad luck and harm. The Samurai wore masks resembling demons to protect their faces from damage and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Some fully covered a samurai’s face, while others only partially covered their faces.

-Eiyo Kimono

Notorious Lift Staple Tee V2 Fit

  • Premium high quality t-shirt (100% heavy cotton blend)
  • Relaxed oversized fit
  • High neckline
  • Available in Black, Clear Blue & Mushroom

Notorious Lift Staple Tee V2 Sizing

This tee comes in sizes S to 2XL and are Unisex.

Weight N/A

XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Notorious Lift

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2 reviews for Notorious Lift Staple Tee V2 Black

  1. Ines C.

    box fitting but nice

  2. Heli

    Great quality and it has a nice fit. Design is nice for the gym and daily wear.

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