Strength Training in the Benelux: The Top 10 Gyms best Powerlifting gyms

Strength Training in the Benelux: The Top 10 Gyms for Powerlifting

Powerlifting in the Benelux region is more than just lifting weights; it’s a community-driven passion that thrives in exceptional training spaces. Find the best gym’s in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to boost your PR’s. Here are the top 10 gyms dedicated to empowering strength enthusiasts:

  1. Supreme Strength – The Hague, Netherlands
  • Equipment & Facilities: 5 high-quality Hansu Power competition racks, IPF standard bars & plates, specialty bars, and a diverse range of machines cater to powerlifting needs.
  • Community Focus: Known for its vibrant community, PR board, and events like mock meets and deadlift battles, this gym cultivates a supportive atmosphere for serious training. Members of the Dutch national powerlifting team as well as the Belgium national powerlifting team train here regularly.
  • Coaching & Programs: Free programs, powerlifting courses, personal training, and online coaching by “Supreme Strength Coaching” for elevating performance.
  • Address: Binckhorstlaan 32a, The Hague
  1. Iron House – Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Features: 4 IPF competition racks, power hour classes, diverse machine assortment, and events like mock meets to engage members.
  • Training Offerings: Technique classes, weightlifting sessions, power hour classes, and online powerlifting coaching.
  • Address: Amsterdamsestraatweg 640, Utrecht
  1. Uplifting – Boom, Belgium
  • Equipment: Rogue, LifeFitness, Cybex & Technogym gear, minimum 2 competition racks, and 6 deadlift/weightlifting platforms.
  • Community: Boasts a friendly atmosphere with Belgium’s top powerlifters training here. Offers coaching through affiliated coaches.
  • Address: Antwerpsestraat 388, Boom
  1. Atlas Gym – Gent, Belgium
  • Specialization: Extensive strongman training facilities in Belgium, with locations in Gent and Antwerp.
  • Online Coaching: Provides coaching through Hype Coaching and actively organizes powerlifting competitions in Belgium.
  • Address: Poortakkerstraat 15, Gent
  1. Push And Pull – Groningen, Netherlands
  • Facilities: Equipped with Nautilus, Panatta, Rogue, Star Trac, and IPF-approved competition racks.
  • Atmosphere: Known for its positive and energetic environment, offering personal training, online coaching, and physiotherapy services.
  • Address: Oude Ebbingestraat 44, Groningen
  1. ATC – Luxembourg
  • Diverse Equipment: Specialized in strongman, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and muscle building since 1981. Offers unique specialty bars and strongman equipment.
  • Community Contribution: Aims to promote powerlifting, strongman, and strength sports culture in the region, facilitating entry into these scenes.
  • Address: Rue de l’Industrie, 8399 Koerich, Luxembourg
  1. Strength Valley – Zwolle, Netherlands
  • Community Focus: Thrives on community, welcoming both beginners and experienced powerlifters for physical and mental gains through coaching and training plans.
  • Address: Telfordstraat 32, 8013 RM Zwolle
  1. Bassies Halter Club – Breezand, Netherlands
  • Features: IPF-approved competition racks, calibrated plates, and an array of machines. Offers personal training and organizes mock meets.
  • Address: Molenvaart 363, 1764 AR Breezand
  1. Krachtlab – Elsloo, Netherlands
  • Community Engagement: Emphasizes collective growth, boasting a team of coaches, athletes, and educators dedicated to achieving personal goals together.
  • Address: Elsloo, schutterstraat 9 (2 locations)
  1. Loods 37 – Weert, Netherlands
  • Comprehensive Services: Offers a range of fitness services under one roof, including modern strength and cardio equipment, nutritional advice, sports physiotherapy, and diverse group classes.
  • Involvement: Hosts events like the Dutch Junior Championships, catering to both commercial and powerlifting aspects.
  • Address: Doctor Schaepmanstraat 37, 6004 AD Weert

Powerlifters across the Benelux region have a diverse array of gyms tailored to their specific needs and aspirations. Whether it’s top-notch equipment, a vibrant community, or expert coaching, these gyms provide the platform for individuals to push their limits and achieve their powerlifting goals.

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