Wahlanders Personalized Lifting Belt

Give your lifting belt a personal touch by choosing the color and stitching for your Wahlanders personalized lifting belt. Also get your own (nick)name engraved on the back!

his belt is a premium handmade IPF approved powerlifting belt from Sweden, made for the elite powerlifter. Because the belt is made from 100% leather, it allows for a comfortable and natural shaped fit while maintaining stiffness. You can easily find the appropriate tightness by using the adjustable quick release prong. Above all, this unique quick release prong allows for a very smooth release when you are finished with your set. Your ultra dramatic belt-throw after setting a new personal record is absolutely possible.

Use the Wahlander belt during strength training to increase intra-abdominal pressure during your lifts. This reduces stress on the lower back during lifting and prevents the back from hyperextension during overhead lifts. Subsequently you will be able to lift more weight!

The Wahlanders powerlifting belt is perfect for heavy squats, bench press and deadlifts. The belt is also frequently used for strongman, general strength sports and fitness training.

Available in Black, Red, White, Green & Natural Leather

Do you want to give your belt a personalized touch? Check out our custom options and engrave your (nick)name on your belt.

Wahlander Main features:

  • Natural fit due to premium leather
  • IPF approved
  • Quick release prong
  • 13mm thickness

Wahlander Sizing & details:

The belt comes in sizes S till XL.

Small: 60-80cm (23.5-31.5 inches)

Medium: 70-90cm (27.5-35.5 inches)

Large: 80-100cm (31.5-39.5 inches)

XLarge: 90-110cm (35.5-43.5 inches)

Size Small also comes in the “soft” version. These belts have a soft inner which is recommended for the smaller lifters to ensure the belt shapes comfortably around the waist. The belt maintains identical stiffness compared to the standard version.

Each Wahlander powerlifting belt has a thickness of 11-13 mm (0.43-0.51 inches)

Each belt is handmade and can therefore slightly differ from the photographs. The black, red, white and natural leather belts are made of smooth leather. The other color variant comes in suede leather.


Powerlifting coach and athlete Lorenz Muylkens explains how to use the Wahlanders leather lifting belt in this video. Also read a quick tutorial below.

  • Put the belt around your waist
  • Put a finger in the hole behind the hole where you want the quick release to fit
  • Put the belt through the quick release prong and loop
  • Tuck in your belly
  • Slide together
  • Lift your new personal records
  • Release with your quick release prong and celebrate

NOTE: The Wahlanders personalized lifting belts are handmade and therefore leather colors and belt variants do sometimes have limited supply. Delivery can take up to 25 days and your chosen combination might not always be available. If this is the case we will contact you to provide alternatives.

2024 UPDATE: The new IPF rules for equipment do not allow nicknames on belts. The lifter is however allowed to have their actual name engraved on the belt. As long as you use your real name, you will be good. 

Additional information


Black, Red, White, Green, Blue, Pink, Gold, Brown


Black, Red, White




Standard, Soft

2 reviews for Wahlanders Personalized Lifting Belt

  1. Luuk Tiel

    The belt itself is really good and sturdy, the added ingraving option makes for some unique combinations. Personally, it’s the best belt I’ve worn.

  2. Nabil Hamsas

    Hands down the best belt you can buy for deadlifts quality is insane comfort outstanding fit natural no more being obstruct by reaching for the bar and also the sick belt Flips are still possible getting it tight takes practice but 100% Worth it feels secure en give perfect support colours are crazy

    Buy it

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