Sumo Sole Gen 1 Stealth Deadlift Slippers

Do you need that extra bit of traction during your heavy pulls? This deadlift slipper is especially designed to give you exactly that! Better grip. The Notorious Lift Sumo Sole Gen 1 Stealth (SSG1) was created in response to the community’s demands for a deadlift slipper with even greater traction and grip compared to the original slipper, the Notorious Lifters Gen 2 (NLG2).

The Notorious Lift Sumo Sole Gen 1 features aggressive #noslipgrip traction pattern and a high side lateral wall to prevent spillage in sumo deadlifts. These two features combine with dual straps to provide a locked in, ultra grippy slipper unlike any other product on the market.

This slipper is best suited for sumo deadlifts but also functional for conventional deadlifts and bench press.

Notorious Lift is the number 1 deadlift slipper producer and has been a staple in the industry for many years. Get your pair now and experience unparralled grip and an ultimate barefoot feel.

Sumo Sole Gen 1 features: 

  • Aggressive grippy sole
  • Sturdy
  • Prevents spillage

SSG1 Sizing:

The Notorious Lift Sumo Sole Gen 1 Stealth is true to size for most but can run a little small for some. If you are in between sizes we recommend getting one size up.

Notorious Lift Sumo Sole Variations

Available in Stealth, Pure White and Limited Editions

Additional information


35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

3 reviews for Notorious Lift Sumo Sole Gen 1 Stealth

  1. Raveen

    Awesome slippers. Amazing for sumo deads and bench. The grip on them makes pulling so much more stable. I highly recommen these for everyone looking for good deadlift slippers.

  2. Jesse van Mourik

    I’ve probably gone through about 6 pairs of different shoes for lifting, but I always managed to have problems with my feet sliding on benchpress and sometimes on deadlifts. I bought these mainly with the idea to fix my benchpress issues but I noticed so much grip and no loss of stability even though it is a more minimal shoe so I now use this for deadlifts and benchpress and it feels great. You might think with a fabric sock-like upper it might not feel that secure but that is absolutely not the case. I would recommend these for anyone who pulls sumo and wants to properly use legdrive on benchpress.

  3. Simon

    Nice slipper, i stand very stuck to the ground. Time to make some PR’s.

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