NLG2 Pure White | IPF Approved | Barefoot-Feeling

The NLG2 – Notorious Lift Gen 2 Pure White Deadlift Slippers are the perfect solution for powerlifters who want to lift barefoot but are required to wear deadlift shoes in the gym or during a competition. These slippers are IPF approved shoes and feature an ultra-thin, flexible, and grippy sole that gets you as close as possible to the floor and maximizes ground sensory feedback.

In addition to deadlifts, the NLG2s can also be used for sumo deadlifts, bench press, and regular gym footwear. For sumo deadlifters, we also offer the Notorious lift Sumo Sole Gen 1 and notorious lift Sumo Sole Gen 3 deadlift slippers.

This is what international athlete Miriam Amri says about the Notorious Lifts Deadlift Slippers: View interview

NLG2 features: 

  • IPF approved
  • Ultra-thin, flexible, and grippy sole
  • Barefoot-feeling
  • Available in Stealth, and Limited Editions
  • The NLG2s are also true to size, with a tight fit recommended for optimal performance


  • Improved deadlift performance
  • Better ground sensory feedback
  • Increased comfort and stability
  • Versatility for use in a variety of powerlifting exercises

Order your NLG2 Pure White Deadlift Slippers today and experience the difference!

Are you looking for the best deadlift slippers powerlifting or deadlift shoes? Look no further than Notorious Lift Shoes! We offer a wide selection of IPF approved shoes, including the Notorious Lift Sumo Sole Gen 3, perfect for both conventional and sumo deadlifts. Whether you’re a competitive powerlifter or just looking for a good pair of deadlift shoes to train in, has the perfect pair for you.


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4 reviews for Notorious Lift Gen 2 Pure White

  1. Felix

    Shoe does not disappoint. Checks all the boxes for a good conventional deadlift shoe. Would also really encourage trying them for bench pressing due to the grippy sole preventing slippage.

  2. Astrid

    Hele fijne barefoot feel en ook op gladde ondergrond goede grip. True to size!

  3. Sil Maris

    Goede schoen met dunne zool, ideaal voor zowel conventional als sumo deadlifts. Daarnaast hele goede en persoonlijke service van DePowerliftingShop!! Zeker een aanrader.

  4. Anonymous

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