ONI PRO Stiff Knee Sleeves

Revolutionize your Squat Performance with the Next Generation Knee Sleeve. The Oni knee sleeves PRO stand out from other knee sleeve brands:

  1. Unparalleled Rebound with Advanced Fabric Technology: Experience exceptional rebound during squats with cutting-edge knee sleeves. We understand that the key to optimal rebound lies in the stiffness of the fabric when the squat reaches its lowest point. To surpass existing powerlifting knee sleeves, the ONI Knee Sleeve PRO incorporates the highest hardness fabric approved by IPF rules for the rear of the product. This advanced fabric ensures outstanding rebound, enhancing your squat performance like never before. Prepare for a generational shift in powerlifting knee sleeves.
  1. Unmatched Lateral Support for Enhanced Stability: The knee sleeve features a stretchy fabric on the front side and two reinforced lines with adhesive stitching, providing unparalleled lateral support to the knee area. This robust support is particularly beneficial for competitors with a medium or wide stance, ensuring stability throughout your lifts.
  1. Streamlined Construction for Maximum Power Transmission: Developed under the supervision of Wataru Kobayakawa, a legendary figure in the Japanese powerlifting world and a 13-time winner of the All Japan Powerlifting Championships, the knee sleeve boasts a size structure that allows direct power transmission without unnecessary fabric deflection. Every aspect of its construction has been meticulously designed to optimize your performance.


Please note that the sizes below are approximate. Choosing a smaller size is not recommended.

Guideline by Weight Class:


  • S: Suitable for up to 66kg class
  • M: Suitable for 66kg-83kg class
  • L: Suitable for 83kg-105kg class
  • XL: Suitable for 105kg and above


  • S: Suitable for up to 57kg class
  • M: Suitable for 57kg-69kg class
  • L: Suitable for 69kg-84kg class
  • XL: Suitable for 84kg and above

Comparison Guide for Other Companies’ Products (Based on Inzer):

If you are currently using Inzer Ergo Pro or Hansu Power:

  • In case of a tight fit: Choose 1 size up (M = ONI L)
  • In case of a loose fit: Choose the same size for ONI

ONI Knee Sleeves Specifications

ONI Powerlifting Gear from Japan offer unique products made with input from elite level powerlifters.

Product Specifications:

  • Thickness: 7mm Neoprene
  • Front Height: 28.5cm
  • Back Height: 27.0cm
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Sales Unit: 1 pair (left and right)
  • Suitable for all powerlifting competitions (IPF Approved)
  • Product Warranty: 60 days after product arrival

Please Note:

  • There may be a manufacturing error of approximately 1 cm in each part of the actual product, even if they are the same size.
  • The color of the actual product may differ slightly from the product image displayed on your monitor.
  • The printed logo on the product may have minor deviations or distortions.
  • The product may have a slight adhesive smell, which will dissipate when exposed to an electric fan for a day or two.
  • The deodorant finish can remove fishy smells but not the neoprene odor itself.
  • The weight of the sleeve may vary per sleeve, this does not affect performance.

Powerlifting knee sleeves comparison chart


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

S, M, L, XL

4 reviews for ONI PRO Stiff Knee Sleeves (IPF Approved)

  1. Rowan de Miranda

    By far the best stiff sleeves I have used so far and I have tried a lot of them… stiffness is unparalleled and gives a firey rebound out of the hole. They are NOT comfortable to wear so I recommend to roll them down between sets. But we are not looking for comfort we are looking for the best quality and you will not be dissapointed with these sleeves. I am a 83KG lifter and wear size M. Let’s get this!

  2. Tyrese Zichem

    The Oni’s are the most comfortable stiff sleeve I’ ve ever used. The front stitching, a key feature, allows me to reach depth effortlessly and with control, free from any discomfort. They provide the stability needed for a strong squat, thanks to their quality and stiffness. I’m ready for new records and hope to break my national record with the help of these sleeves!

  3. Danique Zwaan

    Ik heb de oni sleeves nu ongeveer 2 maanden en ze bevallen super goed. Ze zitten qua pasvorm perfect en gaan zelfs redelijk makkelijk aan en uit. Daarbij geven ze zelfs wat meer support dan de stiff sleeves die ik eerder had en een stuk lastiger aan en uit gingen.

  4. Julien Rousselle

    Jaime beaucoup

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