Hansu Power Stiff Knee Sleeves 1.0| IPF Approved | 7 mm stiff Neoprene Sleeves

Experience increased support and stability with Hansu Power Knee Sleeves. Our 7mm thick neoprene material provides extreme compression to help you lift more weight and keep your knees save during heavy squats. The Hansu Power Stiff Knee Sleeves 1.0 are perfect to get started with heavy knee sleeves. Although still providing extreme compression during your lifts they are more comfortable compared to the next generation. If you are ready to get uncomfortable and increase your squat with 7% you should have a look at the Hansu Power Knee Sleeves gen 2.0. The HS Power Sleeves are IPF approved and come with a convenient carrying bag for easy storage. Enhanced stability and a comfortable design make these powerlifting knee sleeves an effective tool for preventing or managing injuries to the hips, knees, and ankles while lifting your next squat PR.

HS Power Knee Sleeves Main Features:

  • Increase your squat performance
  • Stiff knee sleeves with tapered fit
  • Injury prevention
  • Comes with convenient bag for storage

Hansu Power Stiff Knee Sleeve Comparison

Hansu Power Knee Sleeves Gen 1.0 vs Hansu Power Knee Sleeves Gen 2.0

+ Easier to put on and off
+ Perfect if you have no experience with stiff knee sleeves
+ Comfortable fit
– Gen 2.0 has increased stiffness and compression

Hansu Stiff Knee Sleeves Sizing:

See the third product photo for an accurate sizing chart. Please note that competition knee sleeves are very tight.

Please note:

  • The weight of the sleeve may vary per product, this does not affect performance.
  • Due to high demand these knee sleeves are only available in size S and XXXL.
Weight 1 kg

"XS", "S", "M", "L", "XL", "XXL", "XXXL"


Hansu Power


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