Do your shins bleed everytime you pull a heavy deadlift? With deadlift socks from De Powerlifting Shop this won’t happen any longer. 

Our powerlifting socks will protect your shins while making you stand out from the crowd. They are made in The Netherlands and are developed for powerlifters by powerlifters. The fabric is breathable and yet protects the shins perfectly during deadlifts or other barbell exercises. 

The fun designs make you want to go to the gym immediately to show off your new socks and pull some new personal records! Each design is created using hard work and heavy lifting as inspiration. The standard deadlift socks come in Basic Black. The other designs are limited editions. All socks feature a distinctive “Powerlifting” text on the backside.

We have the most original deadlift socks of Europe! These “fun socks” come in several graphic designs.

Currently the following designs are available: 

  • Basic Black for your classy gym look
  • Uchiha, what can you lift with those socks of yours – Naruto inspired design
  • T-Flex for the bench specialist
  • Dragon Fire to fire up your training

These powerlifting socks are ideal for strength sports such as powerlifting, crossfit, strongman, weightlifting and all round fitness. Furthermore, the deadlift socks are approved for all powerlifting competitions.

Deadlift Sock Sizing:

The deadlift socks come in two sizes:

S-M (shoe size 36-41)

L-XL (shoe size 42 and up)




Our home brand powerlifting gear! Unique graphic deadlift socks made in the Netherlands.

7 reviews for Deadlift Socks – Uchiha

  1. Sten Terlouw

    I mean, come on, ain´t these just perfect AF!

  2. Miriam

    LOVE the designs!!

  3. Ishvar

    Sick design, great socks

  4. Nabil

    Awesome socks for al your dlfs the different pattern makes you stand out even more from the crowd me as certified deadlift Specialist recommend this sock than to everyone who likes deadlifting in style get yours now

  5. Lisa

    What can I say, sick designs and great quality! Love em

  6. Daniel Katebi

    zijn beetje dun maar verder zijn ze wel gek

  7. Ines C.

    fun socks

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