The Sabosports Deadlift PRO is a product of customer feedback on the Sabo Deadlift 1.  A completely new approach is used to optimize a stable and durable design that takes your strength training to the next level. Are you serious about your strength training and do you find stability and grip of key importance? Then this shoe is for YOU!

The stable outsole is extremely thin to reduce the range of motion during deadlifts. Grip is optimized to improve traction during heavy lifting. The PRO Series are characterized by the innovative small heel drop. This heel design uses the lifter’s weight to sink into an ultrathin, flattened sole providing the ideal weight distribution. 

The smooth material shapes comfortably around your feet and the wide toe box ensures a great fit. The high quality material is comfortable and breathable but also designed for hard training sessions with velcro enforcements. The velcro metatarsal strap allows for tightening the shoe around your feet. The velcro ankle strap provides extra ankle stability for squats and deadlifts. 

Extra enforcements are added on the lateral side of the shoe to ensure maximum grip and stability for sumo deadlift lovers or for during squats. 

This deadlift shoe is designed to provide the maximum stability but is still flexible and very comfortable. If you are looking for an even sturdier all round powerlifting shoe, take a quick look at the Sabo Heavy Duty

Sabo powerlifting shoes became popular with the beloved Sabo Deadlift 1. The Sabo Deadlift PRO is the next evolution of this shoe. The is designed for heavy squats, bench press and deadlifts (powerlifting), but also functional for bodybuilding, strongman and strong women training or general strength training or fitness.

SABO Deadlift Pro Main Features:

  • High quality ‘breathable’ material
  • (Removable) Insole that supports the arch of the foot
  • The new firm insole offers high stability and also makes the Deadlift PRO a good option for squats

Sabo Deadlift Pro Sizing:

The shoe is true to size.


36, 36.5, 37, 37.5, 38, 38.5, 39, 39.5, 40, 40.5, 41, 41.5, 42, 42.5, 43, 43.5, 44, 44.5, 45, 45.5, 46, 46.5, 47, 47.5



SABO powerlifting shoes: IPF Approved and trusted by elite lifters. Powerlifting Shoes for Squat, Bench & Deadlift.
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4 reviews for SABO Deadlift PRO

  1. Sten Terlouw

    Even though i use these for squads/bench, they are great flat shoes for all compounds combined, these sabo’s feel reall light on your feet but still have a nice feeling of wearing an actual shoe on your feets.

  2. Wolf

    Their my favourite shoes to squat in when squating in flats! I use them for deadlifts as well, but they don’t feel that much better for deadlifts than my converse. All in all, pretty good flat powerlifting shoes.

  3. Roy Bulthuis

    Great allround shoe for powerlifting.

  4. Clifton

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