Introducing the Premium Stiff Wrist Wraps for Enhanced Powerlifting Support

Are you a powerlifter searching for superior wrist support during intense training sessions with heavy weights? Look no further than the ONI Wrist Wraps XX – the ultimate choice for the serious strength athlete!

Why use wrist wraps for powerlifting?

Do your wrists shake and wobble under the strain of heavy weights? Are you frustrated with the snapping and sideways movement during your workouts? Have you experimented with other stiff wrist wraps, only to find them cutting into your wrists and causing discomfort? If you resonate with any of these concerns, then the ONI Wrist Wraps XX are a must-have for you!

Unique qualities of the Oni Wrist Wraps

Crafted with world-class powerlifters in mind, the ONI Wrist Wraps feature proprietary stiff XX material, providing unparalleled support for your wrists.

To address the common issue of a loose fit associated with stiff material, we’ve incorporated a stylish non-slip rubber layer on the reverse side, ensuring a perfect fit for your wrists. With the addition of this non-slip rubber layer, the wrist wraps have a substantial thickness, effectively stabilizing your wrists and preventing strain.

Differentiating between left and right-hand wrist wraps is effortless, as the thumb loop aligns with our logo. By simply checking the direction of the logo, you can easily distinguish the appropriate wrap for each hand.

Oni Wrist Wraps Sizing

  1. 70CM:
    • Suitable for athletes benching up to 200kg.
    • Ideal if you experience wrist pain during bench press.
  2. 99CM:
    • Tailored for athletes benching over 200kg, particularly those competing in equipped bench press.
    • Perfect for individuals experiencing severe wrist pain during bench press.

Product Specifications:

  • Width: 8cm
  • Size options: 70cm, 99cm (including length tolerance of 1-2cm due to fabric elasticity)
  • Competition suitability: Suitable for all powerlifting and bench press competitions.
Weight 0,5 kg

70cm, 99cm


Oni Bukiya


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