SSG2.5 Pure White Deadlift Slippers

Do you want the best of the best? The Notorious Lift Sumo Sole Gen 2.5 (SSG2.5) was rebuilt from the ground up to combine the best aspects of the Notorious Lifters Gen 2 and the Sumo Sole Gen 1. The result is the BEST deadlift slipper Notorious has produced.

The new Fortis™ sole pairs the ultra-thinness of the NLG2 with the SSG1’s brawny side lateral wall. The outcome is a slipper that is comfortable to wear for the duration of the entire workout, but still provides uncompromising grip and ground sensory feedback. This is perfect for all your workouts!

The Notorious Lift Sumo Sole Gen 2.5 also features the brand new lightweight and breathable AdvanKnit™ upper that contours to your feet for a tight feel and proper lockdown.

The slipper is optimized for both sumo and conventional deadlift and is also functional for bench press or as a gym shoe for strength training.

SSG 2.5 Features:

  • Ultrathin sole
  • Super sturdy
  • High comfort

Notorious Lift Sizing:

This deadlift slipper is true to size for most but can run a little small for some. If you are in between sizes we recommend getting one size up.


35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47


Notorious Lift

Notorious Lift: the best deadlift slippers on the market. Shop the Notorious Lifts collection of limited deadlift slippers here. SSG1, SSG2, SSG2.5  & NLG2
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2 reviews for Notorious Lift Sumo Sole Gen 2.5 Pure White – SALE

  1. Di Ke

    I have tried many different deadlift slippers/shoes (A7/sabo/IWA’s), and these Notorious Lifters are my favorite yet.
    They give a lot of grip and save so much time compared to sabo’s.
    Would really recommend for all (sumo) deadlifters.

  2. Coen de Heer

    I have lifted on the Notorious slippers for a couple of months now, and they have become my go to gym footware. The flatness and grip of the sole make these an excellent choise for all your heavy lifts!

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