!! Attention! For first time users: Do not attempt to put on the Hansu Power sleeves while alone. It might be difficult to take them off !!


Hansu Power Stiff Knee Sleeves 2.0| IPF Approved | 7 mm stiff Neoprene Sleeves

Experience the ultimate support and stability with Hansu Power Stiff Knee Sleeves. Our 7mm thick neoprene material provides unbeatable compression to help you lift more weight. Get ready to add kilos to your squat and power through all your workouts with increased confidence. The HS Power Sleeves are IPF approved and come with a convenient carrying bag for easy storage. Enhanced stability and a tapered design make these powerlifting knee sleeves an effective tool for preventing or managing injuries to the hips, knees, and ankles while lifting your next squat PR.

HS Power Knee Sleeves Main Features:

  • Increase your squat performance with 5-15 KG*
  • Stiff knee sleeves with tapered fit
  • Injury prevention
  • Comes with convenient bag for storage

Hansu Power Stiff Knee Sleeve Comparison

Hansu Power Knee Sleeves Gen 2.0 vs Hansu Power Knee Sleeves Gen 1.0

+ Increased stiffness
+ Unbeatable compression
+ Tapered fit
– More difficult to take off

Hansu Power Knee Sleeves Gen 2.0 vs Oni PRO Knee Sleeves

+ Increased stiffness
+ Unbeatable compression
– More difficult to take off
– Seam is stitched in the back which can cause discomfort

Hansu Power Knee Sleeves Gen 2.0 vs Inzer ErgoPRO Knee Sleeves

+ Increased stiffness
+ Unbeatable compression
+ Tapered fit
+ More skin coverage around the quads
+ Available in Europe

Hansu Stiff Knee Sleeves Sizing:

See the third product photo for an accurate sizing chart. Please note that competition knee sleeves are very tight and might not come off easily without help.

Please note: The weight of the sleeve may vary per product, this does not affect performance.

*Our customers have reported an average of 7,21% increase of lifted KG’s on the squat using the HS Power knee sleeves compared to SBD knee sleeves.


These sleeves help you to squat more weight but sizing down is highly discouraged. Sizing down may restrict blood flow to your foot and you might not be able to take off your sleeve by yourself. In case of emergency use a scissor to cut open the sleeves or call a doctor. Cut sleeves are not refunded. 

Weight 1 kg

"XS", "S", "M", "L", "XL", "XXL", "XXXL"


Hansu Power

5 reviews for Hansu Power Stiff Knee Sleeves 2.0 (IPF approved)

  1. Anonymous

  2. Tessa Vd leeuw

    Snelle levering, persoonlijke attentie en een super goed team.

  3. Coen de Heer

    heavy duty sleeves that match the support of others of its kind, but are less of a struggle to take off!

  4. Ismael S.

  5. Peter

    Really nice sleeves. I can’t personally compare them to other famous sleeves in terms of lifting quality but the haptic of the hansu to the inzer pro are equal.
    I got them 2,5 Weeks before a competition and I have to say that I adapted really quick to them. Would recommend and would buy again.

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