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The Best Powerlifting Brands - For all your Powerlifting Gear

De Powerlifting Shop aims to provide the best powerlifting brands and products available for powerlifting and strength sports. The brands that we carry are trusted by champions: all of our powerlifting gear is IPF approved and of premium quality. 

Products for powerlifting and strength sports – IPF approved

Sabo powerlifting shoes offer a wide variety of sturdy shoes suited for squat, bench and deadlift. Notorious Lift has the best deadlift slippers on the market that have great grip and a praised barefoot lifting feel. Wahlanders produces the best leather powerlifting products such as leather powerlifting belts as well as leather lifting straps and lifting grips. The Wahlander belt is used by many elite powerlifters that praise it’s quality and comfort. The Wahlanders belt can even be personalized with an engraving on the belt, stitching and more, giving you a truly unique piece of powerlifting gear.

Powerlifting Accessories

Besides the basics, we also offer the best powerlifting and strength accessories. Products such as Abyss Liquid Chalk and the New Age Performance 6ds mouthpiece will allow lifters to get the most out of their performance and help improve your powerlifting total. De Powerlifting Shop also produces products that are proudly made in The Netherlands! Our deadlift socks have graphic designs and will make you stand out in the gym. In 2023, De Powerlifting Shop will expand its offering of powerlifting clothes with more unique powerlifting apparel. 

Shop the best powerlifting brands at De Powerlifting Shop

We are always looking to expand our range of products and have our ear to the community. If you want to see a specific brand included at De Powerlifting Shop, please reach out to us through our Instagram!