Strength Training in the Benelux: The Top 10 Gyms best Powerlifting gyms

Strength Training in the Benelux: The Top 10 Gyms for Powerlifting

Powerlifting in the Benelux region is more than just lifting weights; it’s a community-driven passion that thrives in exceptional training spaces. Find the best gym’s in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to boost your PR’s. Here are the top 10 gyms dedicated to empowering strength enthusiasts: Powerlifters across the Benelux region have a diverse array […]

Lift More, Lift Better: The Ultimate Guide to Powerlifting Shoes

Are powerlifting shoes worth it? If you’re serious about powerlifting, you know that the right shoes can make a real difference in your performance. Lifting shoes are specifically designed to meet the demands of heavy lifting. Specialized footwear helps enhance force production through optimal foot pressure distribution, and prevents injuries through their support and stability. […]